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International Council for the Study of Virus and other Graft Transmissible Diseases of Fruit Crops [ICVF]


ICVF is a non-profit scientific organization that was founded in 1954 and adopted its present structure during the business meeting of the 2009 Conference in Germany. The purpose of the organization is to promote scientific research and encourage world-wide collaboration related to Virus and other Graft Transmissible Diseases of Fruit Crops. This is achieved currently by holding of regular scientific meetings and publication of scientific proceedings from these meetings. Future plans include the development of this web site to include a discussion forum on procedures for diagnostics and disease reports, as well as ICVF-recommended biological indexing procedures.


Membership to ICVF is free and is automatically offered to attendants at the previous ICVF meetings. Membership can be applied for by clicking the menu “Join ICVF”.


As the web site is populated it is anticipated that members will be able to:


  • view proceedings of previous meetings

  • view details of forthcoming meetings

  • view descriptions of Recognized Pathogens for fruit crops

  • view Recommended Procedures for fruit crop pathogen diagnostics

  • view links to external fruit virology and pathology-related web pages

Fruit Crops

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